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The Best Rock Bands on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, Ranked

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Are you ready to rock out to these NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts? This list showcases a few staple rock and rollers along with contemporary bands and artists that cross genres. The concerts performed by Ben Folds, Dave Matthews, and Amanda Palmer are far more intimate in Bob Boilen's office than their usual venues. Take this opportunity to listen/watch some old favorites in different light or discover new rock bands that are on the rise. 

But be sure to check out OK Go's Tiny Desk Concert as they help the show move from their old building to their new headquarters.  These are the Tiny Desk Concerts you want to watch anytime you're in the mood to head bang, chill out to a ballad or anything in between.

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    "Ship to Wreck"

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    "Phone In A Pool"

    "Not A Fan"

    "Capable Of Anything"


    "One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces"

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  • Pedro the Lion was an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. David Bazan formed the band in 1995 and represented its main creative force, backed by a varying rotation of collaborating musicians. TW Walsh is considered to be the sole official band member besides Bazan. In 2006 Bazan and Walsh split amicably and Pedro the Lion was dissolved as Bazan went solo. Releasing four full-length albums and five EPs over 11 years, the band was known for its first person narrative lyrics with political and religious themes. Pedro the Lion was managed by Bob Andrews at Undertow Music Collective....  more
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