The Best Roots Songs of All Time

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List of The Roots songs, ranked from best to worst by the Ranker community. Most people at this point might know The Roots better as the dexterous house band for The Tonight Show, but they landed that gig after establishing an over fifteen year career of sonic adventure. Started in high school by voracious audiophile Questlove and nascent rapper Black Thought, The Roots evolved over the years from a live hip-hop band to musical journeymen recording with people as diverse as Booker T to Elvis Costello. What's most remarkable though is the consistency of their recorded output. They have peaks and valleys like any other artist, but a mediocre Roots track is few and far between.

The Roots' well known singles You Got Me and Here I Come are here as well as a plethora of ringers that come from nearly every one of their albums. If you think something's slipped by us or you have your own Roots era you'd like to highlight, add or rerank away. Simply click the "Rerank List" button and you can put the songs in whatever order you like.
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