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The Best Kinds of Sandwiches, Ranked

Updated February 5, 2020 4.6k votes 295 voters 1.9k views

List RulesTo keep this from spiraling out of control, a sandwich is defined here as being contained by two or more pieces of bread - can be in roll form... but to avoid hamburger/hot dog debates: no (round) buns.

The great sandwich debates have torn people and communities apart since time immemorial. What is the best sandwich? A question asked and answered emphatically by sandwich-fans... but never has the question been put in a votable forum to let the crowd decide. Now, at last, is your chance to vote on your favorite sandwiches.

From a simple grilled cheese sandwich to an authentic Philly Cheesesteak with all the fixings, to good sandwiches from across the pond, like the traditional Coronation Chicken sandwich, types of sandwiches abound. Arguments can be made about what defines a sandwich, but there are no winners in that fight... except those who get to eat their favorite sandwich. And SO, for the sake of this list, a burger is not a sandwich, and neither is a hot dog. Since no one has ever called a cheeseburger a 'meat and cheese sandwich,' it is not a sandwich. That's the only way to keep order here, people. Accept it, go forth, and vote on the best sandwiches since sliced bread.