People Lovingly Describe The Best Sandwich They've Ever Had And It's Pure Poetry

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On the surface, eating or making a sandwich can seem like a pretty mundane task. They usually do their job, filling someone up and maybe even leaving a little mayonnaise to clean up afterwards. But, seemingly once in a lifetime, a sandwich will come along that will defy all expectations. Bringing the lucky customer to a sense of euphoria, and for that brief moment, everything seems perfect. Twitter use @marthajsharpe wanted to hear people's stories surrounding this phenomenon, and people really delivered. 


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    Assuming His Ultimate Form

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    Vending Machine Sandwich After Giving Birth

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    Dissected The Perfect Sandwich To Replicate It


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    A Cuban Sandwich That Still Haunts Them


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    Remembering Their 'Breakup Sandwiches'


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    A 'Rooster' That Comes Up In Dreams


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