The Best Sandwich Shop in Los Angeles

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Anywhere that sells a fabulous sandwich, doesn't have to be a deli.

Who doesn't love the mighty sandwich? As Homer Simpson once said: "Oh sandwich, I could never stay mad at you." LA has some of the most fantastic sandwiches ever put to bread, but where do you go for your favorite sandwich? Lots of deliciousness to pick from. Vote for your favorites, rank your own list... and be sure to add any spectacular sandwich shop you see missing!

What are the best places to get sandwiches from in Los Angeles? While the city doesn't attract the same allure like New York and Chicago may, that doesn't mean the sandwiches aren't as good. It would be foolhardy to think so. 
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  • Porto's Bakery
    168 votes

    Porto's Bakery

    315 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale
  • The Oinkster
    151 votes

    The Oinkster

    2005 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock
  • Philippe's
    259 votes


    1001 N. Alameda St., downtown
  • Langer's Delicatessen
    202 votes

    Langer's Delicatessen

    704 S. Alvarado St., L.A.
  • Canter's Deli
    159 votes

    Canter's Deli

    419 North Fairfax Avenue, L.A.
  • Bay Cities Italian Deli
    175 votes

    Bay Cities Italian Deli

    1517 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica