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The Best Cheap Beers

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List RulesVote up cheap, watery beers you can't live without.

What's your favorite beer? No, we're not talking about any of the double-brewed IPAs, lovingly crafted microbrews, or hoppy farmhouse ales (???) you see at the fancy grocery store you visit every now and then. We're talking about real beers: beers that come in packs of 40 at the 7-Eleven. Beers that aren't designed to have a rich, full flavor, but are meant to be sucked out of a can as quickly as humanly possible by guys named "Tyler." Beers you might find at a barbecue floating in a baby pool full of ice water.

Cheap, sudsy, and delicious, there's a pretty good chance you've had every beer on this list. Take a minute to vote up the ones you love the most, and vote down the ones too gross to drink at even the sloppiest of tailgate parties.