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With so many types of shampoo out there, it's genuinely hard to choose when you hit the salon or supermarket. If you feel bombarded by a sea of shampoo logos, this list helps rank types of shampoo to help you make an educated choice. So, what are the best shampoo brands these days? It's all a matter of finding the top shampoo names for you, be it regular shampoo, shampoo for color-treated hair, shampoo for damaged hair, or any other specific needs you have. 

Some of the most popular shampoo brand names include Pantene, Dove, Garnier, John Freida, and Clairol's Herbal Essences line. These shampoos combine solid cleaning ability with an affordable price, attracting consumers time and time again. The best drug store hair care lines also offer shampoo brands for a variety of different hair needs, as well as both women's and men's shampoos. Some shampoos target problems like dry hair, dandruff, and fine, limp tresses. Others might be specialty shampoo brands, like the sulfate free, clarifying, and organic shampoos that are becoming more and more popular. You can opt for some of the best shampoos in the USA, or look for foriegn options like Italian or French shampoos. 

The best selling shampoo brands are those that are trusted by consumers. Often, consumers will test out different shampoo brands, finally settling on one over time. Price is often a factor in choosing a great shampoo brand, but it's not the only thing to consider. Good shampoo can help to correct any hair problems or issues. Just because a shampoo brand is designated "budget" doesn't mean it won't get the job done well. Every shampoo company - from the famous to the obscure - provides something unique for consumers. 

This list of shampoo brands can help consumers choose the most effective, inexpensive type of shampoo to best suit their individual needs. Browse the various kinds of shampoos listed below and vote up the best products in the world. 

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