The Best Couch Gags in the History of The Simpsons

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Vote up your favorite couch gag (or series of gags) from the opening of the long-running series.

The Simpsons is not only the most iconic show of modern television, but arguably the most important cartoon ever created. Seemingly everything has been referenced by, and in turn referenced, The Simpsons. The Fox animated sitcom is a mainstay that pretty much defined at least two entire generations and became a cultural institution over the decades. 

Its influence is truly immeasurable. Without The Simpsons there would be no South Park, no Family Guy, and no Futurama. The entire television landscape would be unrecognizable. The Simpsons made the adult cartoon the staple of entertainment it is today. There have been over 550 episodes, more than 600 guest stars, and countless recurring characters, but just one famously consistent element on the show: the couch gag. 

The couch gag actually began as nothing more than a clever way to fill time. If an episode ran long, then they'd create a short gag. If an episode was a bit short, they'd create a long gag to pad out the runtime. But over the years it became such a fixture of the show that the intro began morphing into it's own separate art form. As it stands now, the couch gag is essentially a short film playing before every episode of The Simpsons.

Vote for your favorite couch gags, whether you love the quick jokes and visual gags of the early years or the longer, more conceptual gags by guest animators over recent seasons.