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The Best Simpsons Non-Human Characters

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The Simpsons is full of hilarious characters, but what about the cornucopia of animals and creatures that come in and out of the show's life? Vote for the best of non-human Simpsons characters, from Santa's Little Helper to Kang to Linguo. Who are the funniest? The most memorable? The non-humans who make The Simpsons what it is? Just because Snowball doesn't talk doesn't mean she is expendable. Who are the best animal, alien, and inanimate characters on The Simpsons? Add any that you think are missing, so that we can turn this into a definitive list of Simpsons animals, inanimate objects, and other characters. As you can see, there are many more Simpsons animal characters beyond Santa's Little Helper, Snowball, Itchy & Scratchy, and Mojo the Helper Monkey.