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The Best Songs About Diseases

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It's not a pretty subject, but since there are so many, we want you to vote on the best songs about disease. Many of the greatest songs about disease are about general diseases, but others reference specific types of diseases in their titles and lyrics. Sometimes musicians even share their own personal stories about disease or write songs about family members who have suffered an illness.

The Phish classic, “Down with Disease,” is one of the best songs about disease ever written, as is “Social Disease” by Bon Jovi. Ween has written several songs about different diseases. Their tracks, “Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)” and “The HIV Song,” both made this list of the top songs about disease.

Jonathan Davis of Korn wrote “So Unfair” about his son's struggle with diabetes. Bruce Springsteen addressed the AIDs epidemic with his hit, “Streets of Philadelphia.” Nirvana also has several tracks that are about various illnesses including “Lithium” and “Aneurysm.”

Which song about disease do you think is the best? Give it a thumbs up to move it up this list and share your opinions in the comments section.