The Best Songs About Melodys

List Rules
Songs must have the word/name Melody in the title.

Songs with a person's name in the title are quite common, but for this list we're only ranking the best songs about people named Melody. Do you have a favorite Melody song? We want you to vote for your favorite songs with the word melody in the title, regardless if it's about the name Melody, or a melody in the musical sense. You can even add a song to the list if it's not already here, as long as it's a song with melody in the title or lyrics.

Some of the songs featured below include "Winter Melody" by Donna Summer, "Melody Fair" by Bee Gees, and "Deadly Melody" by Wu-Tang Clan. Vote up your favorites to help them move higher on the list, and downvote any melody songs that you have heard and don't like.

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