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The Best Songs About Parties

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Who doesn't love a good party? Here are the best songs about parties, ranked by party animals like yourself. These songs aren't necessarily "party songs" but rather songs that tell stories about partying and going to parties. However, if you are looking for party songs, help us make the perfect 2018 party music playlist. There are great rock songs about partying, good rap songs about partying and everything in between. A few musicians have even based their whole careers around party music.

LMFAO had a slew of hits when they released their 2011 album Sorry For Party Rocking. Their track, “Party Rock Anthem” appears high up on this list of the top songs about partying. No musician likes partying more than Andrew W.K. His hits, “Party Hard,” “Party Party Party” and “Party Til You Puke,” all rank amongst the best party songs of all time.

The last century may have come and gone, but Prince's party song, “1999,” is more popular than ever. The Beastie Boys had a hit with “Fight for Your Right,” but no party song beats R. Kelly's anthem, “Ignition (Remix).” “Then after the show it's the (after party)/And after the party it's the (hotel lobby),” Kelz sings on this timeless track.

What is your favorite song to get the party started? Share your opinions in the comments section and add any tracks we may have missed.