The Best Songs About Sharks

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Sharks are ferocious creatures of the sea, so why not fight our fears by listing the best songs about sharks. Just like a shark, this is a playlist that can never stop. Sharks sniff out their prey like musicians sniff out a good melody. Listen to this list of songs about sharks and find some songs you can sink your teeth into: You’ll love these songs like sharks love blood.

“Mack the Knife” compares The Threepenny Opera character Macheath to a shark. “Hammerhead Shark” by David Lee Roth was off of his third solo album A Little Ain’t Enough, his last effort before grunge came en vogue.

Which of these songs about sharks do you love more than a sharknado? Vote for your favorites! If there are any songs about sharks you love that aren’t on this list, please add them.

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