The Best Space Movies

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Vote up your favorite movies that happen in space or deal with space travel.

The best space movies will take you on an adventure through the stars. Vote up your favorite movies that take place in outer space. That will help other space movie fans pick out their next watch. Vote up the good space movies and vote down any that you think other space fans should skip. Check back as new and recent space movies are added to the list when they're released.

What are the best space movies? Animated and live-action films have been included as well as films from all periods, old and new. What are the greatest movies about space? Sci-Fi is obviously the most popular genre, but other genres have been included. What are the best space movies of all time? 1980s space movies were especially popular, as well as ones that were funny, or cartoons. Feel free to check out other related movie lists such as our Disney movies list, best drama movies and best action movies on Netflix.

If you're looking for a serious classic, then you can't go wrong with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Other favorites in the genre include films in the Alien franchise, movies about astronauts, space action movies, animated space movies, and epic instant classics like Gravity.


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