The Best Stores to Be in Case of Apocalypse

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Only national stores that carry a wide variety of things you'd need in the apocalypse.

Quick - pretend the end is nigh! Is there a massive fallout from a nuclear war? Are zombies - driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh - invading your city? Has climate change finally taken its toll, and cities are flooding as resources deplete rapidly? Whatever the scenario, one question is important - where do you go to stock up on supplies and hide out? In the event of an apocalyptic crisis, you will need basics like food, water, shelter, and security. If you're the type to think about such things - and even if you're not - we'll make it easy for you and and provide some options below. Here, you'll find some stores you could live in that will have almost everything you need to survive for at least a little while as the world falls down. Because, honestly, if you're going to survive the zombie apocalypse (which, FYI, you probably wouldn't) you're going to need some top notch gear. 

If you're thinking about how to survive the apocalypse, consider which big-box store carries just about everything. Will you flee to a huge warehouse like Costco, where you can hide behind 72-packs of toilet paper and munch on samples when you get hungry? Or would you go for a hypermarket like Target, counting on them to carry everything from food items to protective gear and tents? Perhaps you'd go for a megastore like Walmart, knowing that they often carry firearms and ammunition. The choice is yours, really. 

Use your brain power and think about what store would have just about everything you need to survive the end times. Vote up the stores you'd want to be in post-apocalypse! Remember, the universe can kill us at any time. It can't hurt to prepare! 

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