The Best Sub Sandwich Restaurant Chains

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Restaurant franchises that sell submarine sandwiches

Who wants a footlong? Are you looking for the most popular sub sandwich restaurant chain? From Subway to Quiznos, there’s a variety of sub sandwich restaurant chains to please everyone. Maybe you’re tired of visiting the same sub sandwich eating place every week and would like to find something a little different.

Every day more than 50% of Americans eat at least one sandwich and when you're on the go, these popular chains can be a life saver for a quick meal.  People are so crazy about subs, Subway even promoted weight loss from their subs which can be found in nearly every town with more than 26,000 locations in the U.S. But which sub sandwich chain reigns supreme?  Browse through the list for all the types of sub chains and vote up your favorites and vote down the ones you don't feel live up to they hype.  You may even see a  sub sandwich shop you've never tried ranked high among other voters and go try it for yourself!

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