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The Best Surf Schools in Costa Rica

Updated October 13, 2018 4.4k views5 items
After hours of tiresome research I give you the best surf schools in Costa Rica. The list criteria is based on actual surf schools - not these mainstream yoga/surf camps that you waste the majority of your time mastering the downward dog. I've evaluated each surf school based on their surf knowledge and ability to teach the essentials to learning how to surf. It's evident that Corky Carroll's Surf School has the best program and instructors for teaching beginners how to surf. For more info on their surf school click here.
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    Green Iguana Surf Camp

    Reasons why I did NOT choose Green Iguana:
    1) The Green Iguana is located on a beach called Dominical on the mainland of Costa Rica - which is about a 4 to 5 hour drive from San Jose. 
    2) The break there is fast and pretty hard - not a good break for people learning to surf. 
    3) No real surfboards - just the foam and manufactured boards. 
    4) The package options like many other surf camps are confusing and not owned and operated by the school itself - so you're basically just taking lessons. 
    5) Meals are not included on the packages. You're on your own for food. 
    6) Not great if you're really focused on getting the surfing down in a short period of time. 
    7) The accommodations are somewhat old and not maintained well.