The Best Survival TV Shows You Need to Watch

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Vote up the best TV shows about survival skills and living in the wilderness.

These are the best survival TV shows voted on by fans like you. If you're ever stuck in a desert or jungle, these shows may just help you survive for a little bit longer. It is a hot genre now, with many new survival shows airing each year. Naturally, there is much debate on which one is best. Are you a fan of Bear Grylls, or do you think he is nothing compared to Les Stroud?

This list has a variety of survival TV shows, like Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid, and Survivorman. Maybe there are even some survival shows on Netflix, if you want to survive watching dozens of episodes of in a row! From survival reality shows to new survival shows that are soon to be your favorites, there are plenty of TV series to watch if you're into the excitement of wilderness survival shows and outdoor survival in general. 

What is the best survival skills show of all time? What are the greatest survival skills shows starring survivalists out in the world, taking on Mother Nature? Cast your votes for the best survivalist and surviving shows today!

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