The Best Movies For And About Teachers

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The best movies about teachers helping trouble students can be really inspirational. These are films that focus on teachers, teaching, and the conflicts our educators often go through when trying to teach. New good teacher movies are added to the list when they are released. This teacher movie list includes all genres and they can inspire both teacher and students. There are a lot of dramas on this list but the best teacher movies can also be hilarious comedies such as School of Rock and Bad Teacher. 

All types of schools are also included such as elementary, high school, preparatory, public schools, and colleges/universities. Best of all, a number of these films are based on real teachers. You'll also notice that this list is far more than just the top ten teacher movies. So if you're looking for inspiration and have respect for education, these teacher films are the ones for you. 

What are the best teacher movies? Take a look here and see for yourself and be sure to vote up your favorite movies about inspiring teachers so other fans know what to watch next.

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