WATCH The Best Teen Drama Shows Ever Made  

Jordan Bates

Boy Meets World. iCarly. Degrassi. These are the shows that stole your heart as a teenager - the ones to which you related, the ones that spoke to all your angst and lust and love and dreams.

Filled with soapy hyperbole of your real-live adolescent problems, something about these drama-filled shows for teens were the things to which the first TV generations really clung - the forerunner of "Netflix and chill," just as good solo with a big bowl of Kraft Mac N' Cheese as it is with an equally doe-eyed, pimple-cheeked teen crush perched on the other side of the couch.

Who can forget that flame-backed scene of Marissa lying lifeless in Luke's arms on the O.C.? Or Shawn's shaky proposal to Topanga in Boy Meets World? These are the scenes that have shaped our adulthoods and will stay in our teen memories forever.

New generations of teen TV shows come around every few years, but the greatest stay among us forever. Watch this video for some heart-thrumming teen nostalgia and check out what Rankers have voted as the top five. Do you agree with this lineup?