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The Best Quotes From The Aristocats

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The best The Aristocats quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from The Aristocats, with the help of your votes. Starring Phil Harris and Eva Gabor, The Aristocats was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and released in 1970.

What is your favorite The Aristocats quote? One memorable line was when Napoleon said, "I'm the leader! I'll decide when we go! ... Here we go. CHARGE!!!" Another great line from The Aristocats is, "Ladies do not start fights... but they can finish them!" spoken by Marie.

Vote up your top The Aristocats quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    Cause I'm a Lady

    Berlioz: Wait for me! Wait for me!
    Marie: Me first! Me first!
    Toulouse: Why should you be first?
    Marie: 'Cause I'm a lady. That's why.
    Toulouse: You're not a lady.
    Berlioz: You're nothin' but a sister!
    Marie: I'll show you if I'm a lady or not.


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    I'm The Leader

    Lafayette: I still say it was a li'l old cricket bug.
    Napoleon: Wait a minute! I'm the leader! I'll decide what is was! It was a li'l old cricket bug.


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    It's The End

    Lafayette: Hey, Napoleon. This looks like the end.
    Napoleon: Wait a minute. I'm the leader. I'll say when it's the end.
    Napoleon: It's the end.


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    One-Wheeled Haystack

    Napoleon: It's a one-wheeled....
    Lafeyette: A one-wheeled what?
    Napoleon: You're not gonna believe this, but it's a one-wheeled haystack! And there it goes!


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