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The Best Quotes From The Island

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The best The Island quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from The Island, with the help of your votes. Starring  Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, The Island was directed by Michael Bay and released in 2005.

What is your favorite The Island quote? One memorable line was when McCord said, "You know when you really want something, you close your eyes and wish for it really hard? God is the guy that ignores you." Another great line from The Island is, "I guess just you and God. That's the answer you're looking for, isn't it?" spoken by Laurent.

Vote up your top The Island quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    I Give LIfe

    Dr. Merrick: I have discovered the Holy Grail of science, Mr. Laurent. I give life. The Agnates... they're simply tools, instruments. They have no souls. The possibilities are endless here. In two years' time, I will be able to cure children's leukemia. How many people on Earth can say that, Mr. Laurent?
    Laurent: I guess just you and God. That's the answer you're looking for, isn't it?


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      Going To Kill You

      Lincoln Six-Echo: I think they're going to kill you.
      Jordan Two-Delta: I'm going to The Island.
      Lincoln Six-Echo: Jordan, there IS no island!


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        It's A Product

        Merrick: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next generation of science. The Agnate, an organic frame engineered directly into adulthood to match the client's age. You're looking at stage one - the development stage. Within 12 months, it'll be harvest-ready, providing a carrier of your baby, second pair of lungs, fresh skin - all genetically indistinguishable from your own and in compliance with the Eugenics Laws of 2015, all our Agnates are maintained in a persistent vegetative state. They never achieve conciousness. They never think or suffer or feel pain, joy, love, hate. It's a product, ladies and gentlemen, in every way that matters. Not Human!


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          It Never Happened

          Jordan Two-Delta: Bu- I have a mother! I remember her!
          McCord: Yeah, I know...
          Jordan Two-Delta: I grew up on a farm! I had a little dog a - and I had a bike...
          McCord: A bike, yeah. A pink, fluffy Flyer with little tassels on the handlebars? And you rode it up the street to your Grandmother's house, you'd ring the little bell, she came out and served you cookies on a hot plate?
          Jordan Two-Delta: Yes.
          McCord: No. Memory imprints. I've seen 'em. A buddy of mine is a programmer at the institute, he showed me. There's only, like, twelve stories, they change around little details, but they're all pretty much the same. The life you think you had before the contamination? It never happened.

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