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The Best The Last Starfighter Quotes

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The Last Starfighter quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the sci-fi adventure The Last Starfighter as determined by you and your votes. In this film, from the pioneering days of CGI use, gamer Alex Rogan is taken to another planet to do real space battle after mastering the game The Last Starfighter. The Last Starfighter was released on July 13, 1984.

What are the best The Last Starfighter quotes? Do you like Grig's line to Alex, "Death is a primitive concept; I prefer to think of them as battling evil, in another dimension!? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top The Last Starfighter quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • He's Speechless
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    Rylan Bursar: [disgustedly] Rrrr... E sanchay!
    Centauri: E sanchay! Onee mat swella! Preeta! Preeta!
    Alex Rogan: Centauri, what's going on?
    Centauri: He's just saying how delighted he is that you are here, and if there's anything that he can do to make your stay more enjoyable, just give him a ring.
    Alex Rogan: My stay! What are you talking about? Where are we?
    Centauri: Welcome to Rylos, my boy!
    Alex Rogan: Rylos! Wait a minute... you mean, you mean... like in the game?
    Centauri: Oh, he's quick! He's quick! He's very quick! He's speechless! So long, Alex! Have fun! May the luck of the Seven Pillars of Gulu be with you at all times. [muttering] Oh, someday these cheapskates will thank Centauri, trust me. [out loud] BOOLA!
  • Rylan Bursar: Return the money, Centauri.
    Centauri: Return the money?! Are you delirious?! Do you know how long it took to invent the games? To merchandise them? To get them in the stores by Christmas?
    Grig: It must be terribly embarrassing for you and I do sympathize, however--
    Centauri: But I saw him fight! He could be the greatest Starfighter ever!
    Alex Rogan: That was just a game, Centauri!
    Centauri: A game! Well, you may have thought it was a game - but it was also a test! Aha, a test! Sent out across the universe to find those with the gift to be Starfighters. And here you are, my boy! Here you are!
    Alex Rogan: Right, here I am, about to be killed!
    Centauri: Killed! You don't seriously think it's dangerous, do you? Don't be silly! Trust me!
  • It Is THIS Child
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    Xur: [on image] Yes, Father. Your mighty Frontier grows weaker by the moment.
    Enduran: Do not call me father! You are no longer my son! You are an outcast! Why have you returned?
    Xur: I have returned for the good of all Rylans.
    Enduran: With an armada of Ko-Dan warships behind you?
    Xur: There are some Rylans who would welcome me, Father.
    Enduran: Star League justice put down your Xurian cult! Your followers are few and scattered!
    Xur: [angry] Star League?! A refuge for weak worlds not worthy to be our equals!
    Enduran: That is for the Rylans to decide! And not for a dangerous and evil child such as yourself!
    Xur: And yet, it is this child who caught your master spy!
  • Xur: Hear me, Rylans! When the green moon of Galan is eclipsed, Ko-Dan Armada will invade! And not ever your mighty Starfighters will be able to save you!
    Enduran: [defiantly] We shall see, Xur! We shall see!
    [Xur laughs evilly as his image fades]
    Centauri: [laughs, to Alex] You still want to go? And miss all the excitement? [mutters to himself, in the Starcar on the way back to Earth] Little brat! I invent the game, find the kid, drag him up there and he doesn't want to be a Starfighter, I give up!