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The Best The Last Starfighter Quotes

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The Last Starfighter quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the sci-fi adventure The Last Starfighter as determined by you and your votes. In this film, from the pioneering days of CGI use, gamer Alex Rogan is taken to another planet to do real space battle after mastering the game The Last Starfighter. The Last Starfighter was released on July 13, 1984.

What are the best The Last Starfighter quotes? Do you like Grig's line to Alex, "Death is a primitive concept; I prefer to think of them as battling evil, in another dimension!? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top The Last Starfighter quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • Things Change
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    Alex Rogan: Otis, I just never had a chance to have a good time around here.
    Otis: Things change. Always do. You'll get your chance! Important thing is, when it comes, you gotta grab it with both hands and hold on tight!
  • Alex Rogan: The truth is you're scared of leaving this trailer park.
    Maggie Gordon: I'm not scared of leaving this trailer park, Alex.
    Alex Rogan: Hey, listen. Whatever happens, it's you and me forever, right? Right?
    Maggie Gordon: I love you so much, Alex.
    Alex Rogan: I'll always love you, Maggs.
    Louis: [derisively] Diarrhea!
  • I Invented Star Fighter
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    Centauri: Hello. Excuse me, son.
    Alex Rogan: Store's closed, mister.
    Centauri: I'm not here for cigarettes or bubble gum, my boy. Can you tell me the name of the person who broke the record on that game over there, and where I might find him?
    Alex Rogan: Alex Rogan, and you're lookin' at him.
    Centauri: Alex Rogan. [laughs]
    Alex Rogan: Who are you?
    Centauri: Centauri's the name. I invented Starfighter, which is why I'm here.
    Alex Rogan: It is?
    Centuari: It is. We have to talk about a matter of utmost importance [gestures toward the back seat of his car] Step into my office.
  • Centauri: The amusing thing about this is, it's all a big mistake. That particular Starfighter game was supposed to be delivered to Vegas, not some flea-speck trailer park in the middle of tumbleweeds and tarantulas. So it must be fate, destiny, blind chance, luck even, that brings us together. And as the poet said, "the rest is history."
    Alex Rogan: Where are you going? Where are you taking me?
    Centauri: I told you, I want to save it for a surprise. Hey, are you kind of kid who reads the last page of a mystery first? Who pesters the magician to tell you his tricks? Who sneaks downstairs to peek at his Christmas presents? No, of course you're not. [singsong voice] That's why I'm not gonna tell you!
    Alex Rogan: Oh, God.
    Centauri: Besides, I just love surprises, don't you?