The Best Theme Restaurant Chains

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A list of the best theme restaurant chains. Tired of the same old place to eat? Are you looking for dining with a little more excitement? Try browsing through our list of favorite theme restaurants to find a new dining place to try. With our list of most popular theme restaurant chains ranked at the top, it will be easy to find a new and exciting theme restaurant in an area near you. If you don’t see your favorite themed restaurant listed here, there’s no need to worry. Simply add your special theme restaurant chain and see where it ranks in order of most popular to least.

Are you wondering what a theme restaurant is? From the wild jungle excitement of the Rainforest Café to the sea atmosphere of Long John Silver’s, chain restaurants with themes bring just the right touch of atmosphere to provide a new type of dining experience. Theme restaurants are especially liked by children, so families will enjoy trying new chain restaurants with special themes, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

So browse through our list of popular chain restaurants with themes to find a new dining adventure for the evening, and then come back home and rank your new favorite theme restaurant so that it can get moved to a higher spot on the list.
Most divisive: Denny's
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