The Best US Cities for Starting a Company

What are the best US cities for entrepreneurship and new startups? For hopeful new business owners, it's a quandary. Given a shaky U.S. economy in recent years, it can be a challenge to find U.S. cities that are business friendly. Entrepreneurs no doubt want to find that perfect locale, one where their company can thrive. Several factors go into considering the best cities to found a company in, including the city's population (is it rising?), expense (are the business costs relatively low?) and overall quality of life (including crime rates, general cost of living and cultural/educational opportunities in the area). In addition, if one is looking to launch a tech startup, the area's tech-friendliness should definitely be considered (Boulder, Colorado, for example, is a really hot area for tech startups, as is the entire state of Arizona).

There's a lot to consider for budding CEOs, but this list offers some great potential places to found new companies. Know of other hot areas that are company-friendly? Feel free to add them to this list!

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