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The Best US News Networks

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What are the best U.S. news networks? This list of American news networks includes a wide vareity of outlets, including 24/7 news channels, business news channels and even weather channels. From CNN to Fox and MSNBC, many of the news networks listed here cover everything from politics to world events and of course, major happenings in the United States. Most recently, Al Jazeera America launched in the U.S. (on August 20, 2013). Which news network is the most comprehensive? That's for you to decide, with your votes. Vote up any U.S. news networks you watch (and enjoy) frequently and vote down any that you think aren't great, for whatever reason.

Decades ago, when TV news was still in its infancy, Americans had only a few choices. Newscasts were 15 minutes long, and broadcasters covered everything in that time. Today, news is available on television at all hours. Gone are the times when people would rely on brief TV newscasts or some of the best U.S. newspapers to deliver all the day's biggest stories to their living rooms or front doors. Now, the Internet is one of the biggest sources of political news, sports news, weather news and more.

Still, even with all kinds of news so readily available at our fingertips, the best U.S. news networks manage to report all pertinent news (in some cases, as it happens) and, given the time, present feature pieces which take a deeper look into whatever issues are foremost in people's minds. And sure, some of the networks' TV hosts are super annoying, but in most cases, they get the job done. So, it's time to vote: And remember, you can also rerank this list of U.S. news networks any way you want.