The Best Warhammer 40k Ork Clans

Which greenskin warboss will slay their brethren and win the voting?

This is a list of the best ork clans of the Warhammer 40k universe, with text and images are from the awesome 40k WikiFeel free to add ork clans to this list if you feel any are missing. Vote on your favorite clan/warboss. 

Which ork tribes are the best? Bad Moons (Bad moon orks are powerful and wealthy). The Blood Axes or the Death Skulls? you tell us when you vote on your favorite 40k ork clans.

Warhammer 40,000 (informally known as Warhammer 40K, WH40K or simply 40K) is a tabletop miniatures wargame produced by Games Workshop, set in a dystopian science-fantasy universe. Warhammer 40,000 was created by Rick Priestley in 1987 as the futuristic companion to Warhammer Fantasy Battle, sharing many game mechanics.

  • Goffs
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    The Goffs are an Ork tribe of clan who are the largest and most agrressive of the known Greenskin clans. The Goffs are the biggest, meanest and most brutish of all their kind, and that's saying something since they are Orks. Of all the Ork clans, the Goffs are the most inspired by the thrill and thunder of battle. Goffs will take any excuse to start a brawl, even amongst themselves.

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  • Evil Sunz
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    Evil Sunz

    The Evil Sunz are an Ork tribe or clan who are dedicated to speed and making as loud a noise as possible when in combat. The Evil Sunz have adopted the general Ork maxim that "Red 'uns go faster" as their clan motto. By far the largest number of Ork Speed Freeks come from the Evil Sunz clan. An Ork's love of speed can easily affect its brain, to the point where an Ork becomes addicted to the thrill of a wild ride into battle.

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  • Blood Axes
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    Blood Axes

    The Blood Axes are an Ork tribe or clan that has actually been known to work alongside the Imperial forces on occasion. The Blood Axes are held by the other Ork clans to be a bunch of untrustworthy gits. They trade openly with the Imperium of Man, parley with the foe and will even consider retreating from battle if faced with insurmountable odds.

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  • Bad Moons
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    Bad Moons

    The Bad Moons are a powerful and wealthy Ork tribe or clan. The Bad Moons are the richest of all the Ork clans. This is because their teeth grow faster than other Greenskins, meaning that even the lowliest Bad Moon has a steady supply of wealth. This is not regarded as an unfair advantage, as any Ork big and nasty enough can simply smash the teeth out of a Bad Moon's head. The Bad Moons essentially fulfill the role of a merchant caste in what passes for Ork society, and have a reputation for showing off.

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  • Death Skulls
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    Death Skulls

    The Death Skulls are an Ork tribe or clan dedicated to stealing and plundering. The Death Skulls are truly plunderers without equal. They are tremendously good at looting, borrowing, scrounging, scavenging, and stealing things from their fellow Orks, and notoriously bad at returning them. Death Skulls would make capable scientists and excellent engineers if their fascination for new things lasted longer than the time it took to steal them.

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  • Snakebites
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    The Snakebites are a well-known tribe or "Klan" of Orks. The Snakebites are considered to be a backward tribe by many of the more technologically-advanced tribes of Orks, for they still follow the old ways of the Ork race and often remain Feral Orks even after they gain access to more advanced technology. As a result of their rugged lifestyle, the Snakebites are usually weather-beaten and as tough as an old boot.

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