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The Best Ways to Deal With Stinky Feet

Updated 31 Jul 2018 144 votes 37 voters 1.1k views

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Many of us hate to admit it, but smelly feet can be a big problem. Be it taking off our socks or wearing athletic shoes that have too many miles on them, our smelly feet is something that can ruin many of the things we love doing. Reducing the bad smell of our feet is no small task, and for some, has become a hopeless endeavor.

So how do you deal with smelly feet, other than throwing away your shoes or cowering every time you take your dogs off to bark a little? Here are some quick and easy fixes that might make your feet and shoes smell a little better, outside of the basics of getting yourself a foot spray.

Here are some remedies and quick ways to get your feet smelling better, pronto.
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