The Best Wedding Movies

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Vote up your favorite movies about weddings or that feature nuptials as a main event

The best wedding movies have us ready to walk down the aisle. These are films that feature engagements and getting married as a central theme. All genres of wedding movies have been included, although most fall into the category of comedy, with just a few dramas. Weddings have been a favorite theme of storytellers for not just centuries, but millennia. Often just the proposal itself makes for a great story. Sometimes these good wedding movies can also be categorized as a party film if they heavily involve the bridal shower or the bachelor party. Whether you're a bride or a groom, the wedding movies on this list are some of the best.

But which one of these wedding movies should be at the top of the list? You get to help decide by voting up your favorite wedding comedy and drama films. Be sure to check back for new and recent wedding movies as they are added to the list once they have been released.

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