The Best Zombie Horror Films

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This list of the best zombie horror movies doesn't discriminate on why the zombies exist, it only screams in terror at the fact. Fast zombies, slow zombies, whether the undead have risen due to plague or aliens, they're on screen for one reason: to terrify us.

Zombie horror movies can be tense thrillers like 28 Days Later, or science fiction bloodbaths like the Resident Evil franchise. Body horror zombie films like Contracted find a different, and much more intimate, way to scare us. There's even still terror in old films like the 1968 original Night of the Living Dead and even I Walked with a Zombie from 1943 still holds chills. The themes that make zombie movies inherently scary, like loss of control and the restlessness of the dead, are still there, no matter how old a movie is. That's probably why is a good scary movie is often also a good zombie movie.

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