Fan Theories From 'The Big Bang Theory' That Actually Make Sense

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Vote up the theories that even Sheldon would approve of.

For 12 years, CBS' The Big Bang Theory charmed primetime audiences (and delighted television execs) as a top-watched sitcom that was adored by millions. The tight-knit nerd herd was beloved by households who watched Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj mature, find love, lose love, get married, have children, and even win Nobel Prizes.

Over the years, the geeky group also became the focus of many fan theories - some good, some bad, and some slightly insane as the intricate details of show and its characters were studied and dissected for answers. Among the theories involving cyborgs, super spies, and hallucination, there are some fan theories that actually a lot of sense in context of the show. Here are a few theories that might help Big Bang fans with their questions. Vote up the theories that make the most sense.