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Fan Theories From 'The Big Bang Theory' That Actually Make Sense

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For 12 years, CBS' The Big Bang Theory charmed primetime audiences (and delighted television execs) as a top-watched sitcom that was adored by millions. The tight-knit nerd herd was beloved by households who watched Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj mature, find love, lose love, get married, have children, and even win Nobel Prizes.

Over the years, the geeky group also became the focus of many fan theories - some good, some bad, and some slightly insane as the intricate details of show and its characters were studied and dissected for answers. Among the theories involving cyborgs, super spies, and hallucination, there are some fan theories that actually a lot of sense in context of the show. Here are a few theories that might help Big Bang fans with their questions. Vote up the theories that make the most sense. 

Photo: The Big Bang Theory / CBS

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    Raj Has The Worst Taste In Potential Partners And Is Attracted To Mean Girls

    Raj Has The Worst Taste In Potential Partners And Is Attracted To Mean Girls
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    Raj is often depicted as socially inept when it comes to women and relationships, but honestly, many of the women he dates are perhaps not the best choice. Redditor u/Fine_Economist_5321 makes the argument that Raj often picks mean girls as the object of his affection:

    I watched that episode where Raj gets all of [this exes] together to discuss his shortcomings and WTF? They are all so mean. Lucy says, "He showed me everything I don't want in a boyfriend." 

    Like what? Raj had been nothing but considerate with her, with the date in the library and everything. When he started to see Emily, she was the one who messaged him wanting to get back together. 

    Speaking of Emily, she said she broke up with him because he was terrible in bed? He was the one who broke up with HER because of her dark personality. And even then she basically called him and sobbed pathetically wanting to get back together. Whatever happened to that? 

    And as for the deaf Emily, she shouldn't even have got a chance to explain herself, she was clearly a gold digger.

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    'Young Sheldon' Is Older Sheldon's Attempt To Write A Biography

    'Young Sheldon' Is Older Sheldon's Attempt To Write A Biography
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    Redditor u/RIPDandyChiggins believes that the whole of Young Sheldon is just Sheldon's attempt to write his biography after winning the Nobel Prize. That he is able to remember every single detail in his life is due to his genius, and that is why the story is taking years to tell:

    It always struck me as a little weird that Young Sheldon was narrated by Jim Parsons but some thing about it made me think there was a purpose to it: Sheldon is telling his life story leading up to how he wins the Nobel Prize.

    In the last episode of Season 1 of Young Sheldon, older Sheldon talks about how he came up with the idea of relationship agreements with people and how he would write them up for his own children also. This means that the narration isn't just a talking thing to explain what we see on screen but is a story being told to someone, otherwise why mention that he ends up having kids?

    Anyway fast forward to the last season of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy are vying for a Nobel Prize for a theory they came up with but are competing for it with two scientists who want to take the glory after they accidentally confirmed the theory for them and are gaining popularity amongst the general public and the scientific community (the latter especially because Sheldon has alienated everyone he's ever met), so they are favorites.

    So I think what happens is that Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize and the end of the main show and that he decides to write his life story when he finds out Amy is pregnant, it would be the icing on the cake for the Sheldon story for it to end in absolute happiness for the awkward annoying guy we saw back in season 1 trying to sell his sperm for better broadband. The problem is that when Young Sheldon picks up he already has children but Sheldon probably hasn't skipped forward or anything, the guy has an eidetic memory so it probably took him years to go through every detail of his early life up until he could recite his life at high school.

    And to support this even more, Sheldon mentions several times during the course of the show that he wants to write his autobiography and encourages his friends to be nicer to him so he mentions them favorably in it.

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    Despite What Others Might Think, Sheldon Is Truly The Best Of Friends

    Despite What Others Might Think, Sheldon Is Truly The Best Of Friends
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    Throughout the series, Sheldon has been portrayed as socially incompetent to the point of rude and a bad friend on a few occasions because of this. But according to Redditor u/PM_ME_YOUR_RAWR, he is actually just a brilliant man who is quite possibly the best of all best friends:

    When we first see Sheldon (in a flashback) he's a recluse and can barely look Leonard in the eye when meeting him. We can assume, from his dependent relationship with his mother, that he is alone in Los Angeles and has to fend for himself (his phobias and social alienation made worse by this). Enter Leonard who shares his interests and hobbies. 

    He introduces Sheldon to like-minded friends, his favorite spot on the couch, social interaction, and most of all Leonard becomes Sheldon's best friend, as close to family as Sheldon can get since his mother. When the show begins we see a radically different Sheldon than the one Leonard describes in his flashback to Penny, all thanks to Sheldon's friendship with Leonard.

    When Leonard meets Penny, Sheldon see's how in love he is with her, and in line with how brilliant Sheldon is, he exaggerates his social misunderstanding and awkwardness to constantly throw Penny and Leonard's lives together. 

    For instance showing Penny that Leonard is having relations with Leslie Winkel, constantly interacting with Penny after their breakup, and through his ensured friendship with Penny making certain that she doesn't drift from their lives. If you watch the show closely you'll see how he goes from periods of social skill, to wacky misunderstanding, with the overall goal of trying to make his friend happy.

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    Leonard's Experiences With Mrs. Latham And Priya Made Him A Lothario

    Leonard's Experiences With Mrs. Latham And Priya Made Him A Lothario
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    It is no secret that when Leonard begins dating Penny, their physical relationship is less than perfect. But Redditor u/AhhBisto states that this all changes for Leonard once he meets Mrs. Latham and Raj's sister Priya:

    Leonard is depicted as an average lover for a long time. When he and Penny first have [relations] in Season 3, it's a huge disappointment for both of them and takes them getting drunk to get use to each other.

    In the episode with the older woman Mrs Latham "The Benefactor Factor" from Season 4, she propositions Leonard with copulation and he misconstrues it as her wanting relations in exchange for donating to the physics department at the university. In truth she finds Leonard attractive and points out to him that she's a great lover, and that's how she got and kept her rich husband, "I'm that good" she says and Leonard says "What the hell" and they just go for it.

    And in Season 4's "The Prestidigitation Approximation" when Leonard is in a relationship with Raj's sister Priya, they use the Kama Sutra, which leaves Priya feeling satisfied.

    This leads to later on when Penny and Leonard are back together after some time and are playing the "Never Have I Ever" drinking game, Leonard gets the go ahead from Penny when the question is "Never have I ever rocked my girlfriend's world in bed" to drink, thus solidifying his rise as a lover.

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    Sheldon Demonstrates Sociopathic Behavior

    Sheldon Demonstrates Sociopathic Behavior
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    Accoring to Redditor u/Sarahmint, Sheldon's inability to understand his friends might stem from a darker place:

    I'm new to this already long running tv show, but from the little I've seen, Sheldon is highly intelligent, very selfish, and understands human interaction to the point of being highly manipulative while remaining uninterested in people who cannot be useful to him in some way.

    He used his girlfriend as a human shield and talks about Queen Bees to his female friend while lying that it has nothing to do with her social life when it clearly does.

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    'The Big Bang Theory' Purposely Caters To A Conservative Audience In An Effort To Make Science More Mainstream

    'The Big Bang Theory' Purposely Caters To A Conservative Audience In An Effort To Make Science More Mainstream
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    In Redditor u/bracoto's fan theory, the show's focus on Sheldon's religious family and Texas roots are meant to attract conservative audiences and make careers in science more mainstream:

    Americans fall flat when it comes to the sciences. We consistently test behind other developed nations. I could post many examples and please do look this up it’s important! But I’m lazy so here’s one link that catches the gist of it:

    I think the fact that The Big Bang Theory panders to conservative sensibilities (Sheldon’s highly-religious mother is a fan favorite, as well as painting the guys as socially inept geeks) shows they are the target demographic. If this is the case, I have less of an issue with the unrealistic way they portray and almost even bully scientists as it gets these people to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in general and maybe even consider it as a career. It only stands to help further technology (maybe even military technology), healthcare, and even the economy as a shift in the dispersement of employment could possibly result.

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