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The Nerdiest Guest Stars On 'The Big Bang Theory'

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Nerdy guests stars on The Big Bang Theory seem par for the course since the show's premise is all about geeks and their lives. The series has redefined what being a "nerd" or a "geek" is. Basically, anything that makes people fan out over stuff like comic book culture, technological figures, and an unusual love for science seems to count. To the show's credit, there have been a lot of guest stars that fall under the nerdy category who are guaranteed to make any fan excited beyond measure. (Us included!)

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    Stephen Hawking
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    Stephen Hawking appeared in the series a few times, with his original appearance in Season 5, episode 21, "The Hawking Excitation," in which Sheldon has to jump through hoops to impress Howard who can enable Sheldon to meet Hawking. After going through all of Howard's tasks, Sheldon finally gets to meet Hawking but is thunderstruck when the latter points out that the paper Sheldon sent him has an arithmetic error. Due to this, Sheldon faints, which Hawking comments on claiming he's another nerd that's fainted after meeting him.

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    Stan Lee
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    The Marvel legend and hero of all comic book geeks appeared in Season 3, episode, 16, "The Excelsior Acquisition," where Penny tracks down his house in hopes of making Sheldon happy. While Sheldon is excited, Stan Lee isn't too pleased to have any stranger knocking on his door expecting to get an autograph in his Fantastic Four pajamas.

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    Mark Hamill
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    The legendary Star Wars and Batman star appeared in the Season 11 finale, where he's asked to be the one to perform Sheldon and Amy's wedding as a surprise gift for Sheldon. Their vows reduce him to tears, and he claims he doesn't know Wil Wheaton due to his lack of knowledge about Star Trek.

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    Leonard Nimoy
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    Leonard Nimoy doesn't appear in person in The Big Bang Theory, but his voice is heard when Sheldon swaps his broken Star Trek action figure with Leonard's and then imagines the Spock action figure shaming him for it.

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    Wil Wheaton
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    The Star Trek alum is one of the longest-recurring characters in the series, appearing as a fictional version of himself, with the rest of the characters both becoming friends with him and occasionally mocking him for failing to reach the level of popularity he had in his Star Trek days.

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    Buzz Aldrin
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    The famous astronaut appeared in Season 6, episode 5, "The Holographic Excitation" in a cameo appearance when Howard realizes all his bragging about being an astronaut makes him sound like a sad man fishing for compliments, until he sees Buzz Aldrin doing the exact same thing to children at Halloween.

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