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Plot Holes In 'The Big Bang Theory' Fans Couldn't Help But Notice

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The Big Bang Theory quickly became a critically acclaimed and fan favorite show. The brainy sitcom lasted for twelve seasons. When a show has over 275 episodes there are bound to be a few mistakes. Lucky for us, eagle-eyed fans have pointed out a few plot holes that are hard to unsee. For a show about smart people, The Big Bang Theory left behind some not so smart plot holes. 

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    Raj's Background

    Photo: The Big Bang Theory / CBS

    From Redditor u/JessicaSethii:

    In an earlier episode of Big Bang Theory, Sheldon speaks Hindi. Raj then asks him what it means because "he’s never learnt Hindi."

    Fast forward to a while later, when Howard, Raj and Ruchi are watching cricket. Raj completely translates what Anu said from Hindi to English!!

    A plot hole, it is.

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    Howard Never Left His Mother's House Yet Studied At MIT

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    From Redditor u/mourningsoup:

    Howard is portrayed as a character who never moved out of his mother's house in Pasadena and is a horrendous childlike man. The problem is he has a Master's degree from MIT a school on the other side of the country. So how did he get a six-year degree from a school in Boston if he never left Pasadena? If he did, then why is he after six years so dependent on his mother?


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    The Broken Elevator

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    From Redditor u/jphamlore:

    How did Sheldon keep the secret of how the the elevator was blown up by Leonard's rocket fuel experiment gone wrong from the landlord, the police, Homeland Security, etc. This is especially questionable given Sheldon's tendency to try and concoct even more elaborate unbelievable explanations when he tries to lie.

    (There are multiple plot holes regarding the elevator, another of which is the discontinuity of when it broke. In one episode Leonard states that it broke in 2003, but in an episode from 2008 it's stated that the elevator broke two years ago.)

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    Penny Doesn't Know Her Dad's Name

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    From Redditor u/FeelThePower999:

    Penny's father's name changed from Wyatt to Bob in one episode.

    (She calls him Bob in season two's "The Maternal Capacitance" and Wyatt in later episodes.) 

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