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The Biggest Food Network Scandals Of All Time

Updated 27 Aug 2018 38.3k views10 items

Since the Food Network first hit the airwaves in 1993, it's taken cooking out of the realm of the gourmand and made it accessible to millions of viewers around the world. Over the decades, they've transformed the television chef from a formal and fussy figure into nothing less than a superstar with instant name recognition, a lucrative personal brand, and a miniature empire of restaurants and product lines. But make no mistake: while the Food Network has cooked up a countless number of recipes and success stories, it's cooked up more than a few scandals, too.

The Food Network's biggest scandals are not so much a testament to the corrupting influences of fame – after all, there are plenty of celebrities who manage to lead scandal-free lives – rather, more a commentary on the personalities of the individual chefs. Consider for a moment what it's like to toil away in a restaurant kitchen. Anyone who's ever worked in food service will tell you that kitchens can be brutal, intense places, with little room for sensitivity or feelings. They tend to draw people with big personalities, people whose stubbornness and determination will get the job done. Tact can easily get lost in the fray of a heated, hectic kitchen.

And, as these scandals prove, good graces are not always easy to reclaim.

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