The Biggest NBA Busts Of All Time

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Only first or second overall NBA draft picks.

After ranking the best number one draft picks in NBA history, it's time to rank the biggest NBA busts of all time. Featuring former and active players, this list of the worst NBA number one draft picks includes players who played in China, players who retired early, and those who eventually became useless in the league. Who is the worst number 1 draft pick in NBA history?

Drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013, Anthony Bennett is widely considered to the biggest draft bust ever. After a mediocre rookie season, Bennett was passed around teams until he landed in the G League. More recently, 2017 number one pick Markelle Fultz had an underwhelming debut due to a shoulder injury messing up his shooting form. Although he became the youngest player to record a triple double in NBA history, his shooting form never improved, and many speculate the problem has more to do with his mentality. Other bad NBA draft picks include Greg Oden, Andrea Bargnani, and Andrew Wiggins. 

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