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Here are the best quotes from "The Book of Life," a movie that tells the tale of one woman stuck between two men which leads one of the men on a journey of a lifetime. The animated comedy movie was directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez who also co-wrote the screenplay with Doug Langdale. "The Book of Life" opened in theaters on October 17, 2014.

In "The Book of Life," Maria (voiced by Zoe Saldana) is in love with two great men. There's Manolo (voiced by Diego Luna), a torero who is torn between Maria and his family, and Joaquin (voiced by Channing Tatum), a charming but quite self-centered stud. Two spirits Xibalba (voiced by Ron Perlman) and La Muerte (voiced by Kate del Castillo) notice this battle between the two suitors and make a wager on who will win.

But when Xibalba, who bet on Joaquin to win, sees that he is soon to lose the wager with Manolo earning Maria's heart, Xibalba sends a snake to kill Manolo and send him to the Land of the Remembered. When Manolo arrives there, he reunites with his departed family members but years to reunite with Maria. Through Xibalba, there is a way to bring Manolo back to life, but that requires Manolo to go on quite the journey to accomplish.

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The Greatest Story Begins on the Day of the Dead
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Mary Beth: "Follow me, you need to see something special. All the world is made of stories and all of those stories are right here in The Book of Life. But the greatest story begins on the Day of the Dead, a day when spirits pass between worlds and anything can happen."

As teacher Mary Beth explains to her students, The Book of Life contains many interesting stories but the most special of those stories comes on Halloween. The tale of Manolo and Maria is no exception to that rule.
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I'll Do Anything to Be with Maria
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Manolo: "I'll do anything to be with Maria."
Xibalba: "Are you certain?"
Manolo: "With all my heart"
Xibalba: "If you complete these tasks, you will see Maria again."

Manolo approaches Xibalba begging to be returned to the living world to reunite with Maria. Xibalba knows a way but makes Manolo just about sell his soul to do it.
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Welcome to the Land of the Remembered
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Manolo: "Where am I?"
Police Officer: "Welcome to the Land of the Remembered!"
Manolo: "My name is Manolo Sanchez."
Police Officer: [Gasps] "Another Sanchez, man, that family just keeps growing."
Manolo: "My family, can you take me to them?"

Upon arriving in the Land of the Remembered, at first Manolo is upset to learn that he is in fact dead. This feeling changes slightly to include some relief when he learns his deceased family is there too.
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I Get That a Lot
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Joaquin: "Hey girl" [girl faints] "I get that a lot."

Joaquin has no trouble with the ladies, as evidenced when a simple "hey girl" makes a girl swoon. His problem, however, is that he's in love with Maria (as well as himself), while Maria is also in love with another man.
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