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The Boss Baby Movie Quotes

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Here are the best and funniest quotes from The Boss Baby, a movie telling the story of an infant CEO-type who seeks to steal attention from puppies back to babies. The DreamWorks Animation animated comedy movie was directed by Tom McGrath using a screenplay Michael McCullers adapted from the picture book of the same name by Marla Frazee. The Boss Baby opened theatrically on March 31, 2017.

In The Boss Baby, seven-year-old Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi) is living a very happy life as the only child of mother Janice (Lisa Kudrow) and father Ted (Jimmy Kimmel). That all changes when a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying infant arrives at their door. While Tim tries to raise alerts that this infant is a bit strange, his parents are oblivious to any oddities.

The Boss Baby quickly gets down to business. He gathers fellow infants and even enlists Tim in his mission to take on Puppy Co. for stealing the attention away from babies to adorable puppies. But taking down an entire company, especially one so cute, is tough work for anyone, let alone an infant.

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    Cookies are for Closers

    Cookies are for Closers
    Photo: 20th Century Fox

    Boss Baby: Put that cookie down! Cookies are for closers!

    When fellow infant Jimbo reaches for a cookie, Boss Baby shuts that down real quick. As he explains in this The Boss Baby movie quote, cookies are for closers, and Jimbo is no closer.

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      This is War!

      This is War!
      Photo: 20th Century Fox

      Tim: Mom, dad, the baby can talk!
      Boss Baby: This is war!
      Janice: Look, the kids are finally getting along.
      Ted: That's nice. 

      As Tim tries to take down the Boss Baby and the other infants, he starts a war with them all. Mom Janice thinks that the kids are getting along in these The Boss Baby movie quotes, but rather it's quite the opposite.

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        We Babies are Having a Crisis

        We Babies are Having a Crisis
        Video: YouTube

        Boss Baby: We babies are having a crisis. Babies aren't getting as much love as we used to. Behold, our mortal enemy! Puppies!
        Babies: Awww!
        Boss Baby: No! That's exactly the problem... Have you learned anything?
        Triplets: A, B, C, D, E
        Boss Baby: No, what have you learned about puppies?
        Jimbo: Puppies!
        Boss Baby: No, Jimbo, puppies are evil! Stacy, read back the notes.
        Stacy: I can't read. What's it say? 
        Triplets: Boss, parents!
        Ted: Aww, it's like they're having their own little meeting.

        The Boss Baby holds a meeting with his fellow infants to explain to them the plan in these The Boss Baby movie quotes. As the Boss Baby explains, puppies are getting the love that he feels infants deserve and he's on a mission to change that.

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          He Wears a Suit!

          He Wears a Suit!
          Video: YouTube

          Tim: Look at him! He wears a suit!
          Janice: He's like a little man. 
          Tim: He carries a briefcase. Does not one else think that's, oh, I don't know, a little freaky?
          Ted: Well, you carried Lam-Lam around until you were like...
          Tim: This is not about Lam-Lam.
          Ted: Trust me, one day you are going to love him with all of your heart. 
          Tim: Never!

          Over dinner, Tim tries his best to convince his parents that the boss baby is a wee bit odd. But, as shown in these The Boss Baby movie quotes, his parents are not quite buying it.

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