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The Boss movie quotes tells the story of one disgraced and imprisoned empress who seeks to rebuild her fortune with the help of a local Brownie troop. The comedy film was directed by Ben Falcone using a screenplay he co-wrote with wife Melissa McCarthy and Steve Mallory. The Boss opened in theaters on April 8, 2016.

In The Boss, Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) has built an empire and become the wealthiest woman in the world. But after she is charged with insider trading and sent to prison, she's left penniless, homeless and without many friends. One of her former employees, Claire (Kristen Bell) takes Michelle in and allows her to stay in her home along with Claire's daughter, Rachel (Ella Anderson).

So when Claire urges Michelle to take Rachel to her Dandelion Troop meeting, Michelle gets an idea to rebuild her empire. Michelle wants to form a massive troop of Brownies who will sell brownies for profit. While Michelle tries hard to use this opportunity to rebrand herself, it's not as easy returning to grace as she would like.

Co-starring Peter Dinklage, Kathy Bates and Annie Mumolo, The Boss opened in theaters already showing other films including Demolition, Hardcore Henry, Meet the Blacks, and Everybody Wants Some!!.
Under Arrest for Insider Trading
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Federal Officer: You're under arrest for insider trading.
Claire: Michelle, don't struggle!

Michelle's world changes when she is arrested for insider trading. For someone like her, going to prison is the last thing she wants to do and struggles, unsuccessfully, to resist arrest.
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She Should Stay Here

Rachel: Mom, if she doesn't have anywhere to go, she should stay here.
Michelle: Ha, look at that, a bed in a sofa.
Claire: Careful, it's a bit temperamental.
Michelle: It's not so bad... I think I shattered my pelvis!

After Michelle is released from prison, she has little money and no place to live. While she doesn't deserve it, at the urging of daughter Rachel, Claire takes Michelle into their home.
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Take Rachel to Her Dandelions Meeting

Claire: Michelle, you need to get off the couch. Take Rachel to her Dandelions meeting.
Sandy: Our troop came in with $189,000
Michelle: Holy s***!
Helen: I object to parolees attending our meetings!
Michelle: If you don't get off my back, I'm going to shove a box of chocolate clusters up that tight ass of yours.

Claire instructs Michelle to stop sulking and pitch in, namely in taking Rachel to her Dandelions meeting. And as much as Michelle doesn't want to go, she's not wanted there either and called out by a mother.
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Buy My Brownies or I'll Kill You

Michelle: Okay, Crystal, what do we say if somebody doesn't want to buy?
Crystal: Buy my brownies or I'll kill you.
Claire: Don't say that, Crystal.
Michelle: Say that! That's perfect.
Helen: Hey, this is where Dandelions sell, bitch!
Michelle: Woo, that batch is burnt!

The girls gather for what could be a peaceful, productive and informative session selling their brownies. Instead, some fierce words and a turf battle results leaving lots of collateral damage in their wake.
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