13 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Boys'

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Amazon's dark superhero series The Boys never lets its audience breathe by delivering bloody action and jaw-dropping surprises in every episode. The show is full of twists and turns, and that goes for off-screen as well as on.

Many fans most likely are aware of the fact that this show is based on a popular comic book of the same name, but there are plenty of other facts that people who enjoyed this show were not aware of. Whether you have been a dedicated fan of the series since day one, or you just started the first episode the other day, these The Boys facts are sure to surprise you in some capacity.

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    Protesters Showed Up During Filming

    When The Boys is filming, it's obvious that some bloodshed is going to occur. However, the amount of carnage and the way it was depicted did not sit well with some residents of Toronto. While filming a rather disturbing sequence at Mel Lastman Square last year for season two, locals came to protest the set

    It wasn't until Toronto Councillor John Fillion stepped onto the scene that production was actually halted. Fillion said that the scene featured a superhero killing bystanders, and that a horrific attack occurred in real life in 2018 at the place of filming. It was way too close to home for many locals, who found the sequence that was being filmed to be distasteful.

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    Nathan Mitchell And Black Noir Share Allergies

    In the seventh episode of season two, it is revealed that Black Noir has an allergy to tree nuts. In the episode, Queen Maeve shoves an almond joy down his throat, which seems to kill him, or at least hurt him severely. Fans rest assured, because Black Noir actor Nathan Mitchell has revealed that the character will be back for season three.

    The most interesting aspect of the choice to make Black Noir allergic to nuts is the fact that it is not a random decision by any means.  In real life, Nathan Mitchell himself actually has a similar condition. In this case, art is definitely imitating life.   

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    Karen Fukuhara Learned Sign Language

    Towards the beginning of season 2, Kimiko has an encounter with her brother, Kenji. The mute Kimiko is able to communicate with her brother using sign language. Actress Karen Fukuhara opened up recently with Insider about learning a specific form of sign language for the episode.

    Fukuhara worked heavily with sign language expert Amanda Richer in order to authentically pull off the character in the second season. The form of sign language that Kimiko and Kenji used was created for the show, and Fukuhara masters it in her great performance. Fukuhara has said that studying sign language with Richer really helped her get into the mindset of the character of Kimiko/The Female.

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    Starlight's Actress Had Trouble With The Suit

    Starlight is not happy in season one when Vought forces her to throw in her long-term costume for a skin-tight suit. As it turns out, Starlight seems to not be the only one who has problems with her suit. Actress Erin Moriarty has spoken out to Entertainment Tonight about how it isn't the easiest suit to get in and out of.

    While Moriarty's quarrels with the suit are much more about physical comfortability than moral standards, she still didn't seem to have the easiest time wearing it on set. She told Entertainment Tonight about how it not very easy to go to the bathroom in the suit in between filming. She also told Insider about how she never got used to wearing the suit and she just has to deal with it. 

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    Stormfront Was Originally Male

    Aya Cash joined the cast of The Boys in the second season as Stormfront, a supe with a Nazi-agenda who joins The Seven. Cash's performance as the character is full of wit and humor, causing the character to be even more diabolical by making her true intentions not so obvious to the public. Although many changes to the character's personality did occur, one of the main differences the television adaptation made to the character is the gender swap.

    Stormfront was male in the original comic, and the decision to change the character to female for the show switched up the chemistry among all the characters. Homelander has a rivalry with Stormfront in the comic books and the series, but as a woman, Stormfront is able to control Homelander in a way they can't as a man. Stormfront is able to get to Homelander in the show in a way that isn't possible in the comics. Their relationship here is much more complex, especially when they become intimate with one another.

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    Starlight's Costume Designer Looks Familiar

    Early on in season one, Starlight is given a brand new costume. Her costume designer is very reputable and designed the suit just for her. Starlight rejects the costume due to the fact that it isn't the image she wants to portray, and the designer is not happy.

    Many of the show's faithful viewers pointed out that the Designer character looks very similar to beloved Disney character, Edna Mode. Edna Mode is an animated character who is prominently featured in both The Incredibles and its sequel. Edna has large black glasses, a bob, and a very memorable voice, as does Starlight's designer. Some fans have speculated that the character on The Boys is a direct homage to The Incredibles, mainly because both titles fall somewhere on the spectrum of the superhero genre.

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