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The Best Characters Invented For The TV Version Of 'The Boys'

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After just two seasons, The Boys has had no trouble turning a fan-favorite comic into some of the most exciting new superhero action in years. There are plenty of The Boys show characters that have made a successful jump from comics to TV, but considering how the show has been happy to diverge from the comics' canon, some of the best characters were created solely for the show itself. Whether they are a superpowered being or just an everyday evil bureaucrat, a lot of the additions have fit seamlessly into the superhero satire.

Powered beings like Translucent, Mesmer, and Doppelganger have fleshed out the show's "supe" ranks, while people like Madelyn Stillwell, Stan Edgar, and Ashley Barrett have served to make Vought feel like a genuine American corporation that wouldn't feel out of place on the Fortune 500. It just goes to show that the creators have such a firm grip on their superhero universe that it's hard to tell fan favorites from absolute newcomers.

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    Ashley Barrett

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Studios

    One of the main differences between the television show and the comic books is the show's depiction of Vought as a company with a high degree of media savvy. The company has its own film studio, a staff of full-fledged public relations experts, and they plan everything down to a T.

    This is where Ashley Barrett comes in. Before becoming the senior vice president of Hero Management after Stillwell's demise at the end of Season 1, Ashley served as Vought's director of talent relations and provided the show with plenty of satire about the inner workings of Hollywood. Seemingly always in over her head and stressed to the point of her hair falling out, Ashley struggled to keep it together when faced with the challenges of keeping Homelander happy and the rest of the heroes on script. 

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    How would one go about making money if one could regrow limbs at will? It isn't like that ability makes you good at fighting or a superior athlete, so becoming a top-tier superhero isn't exactly a walk in the park. It makes twisted sense that Gecko went from an underwhelming teen hero to a guy who charges money to let weirdos hack off his extremities in shady hotels.

    Gecko is also a lab rat for Vought, but that really doesn't seem to be the kind of work you brag about either. Compound V certainly doesn't always seem to grant you the kind of superpowers you'd choose if you could.

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    Seth Reed

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Studios

    Keeping in line with the television show's insistence on being a more wide-reaching media satire than the comic books, we have Vought's public relations writer Seth Reed. Portrayed by talented character actor Malcolm Barrett, best known for his roles in cult favorites Better Off Ted and Preacher, Seth seems like your typical PR writer before getting fleshed out as yet another in a long line of those injured accidentally by superheroes.

    Seth's injury is a bit more unique than your average mark, though and it certainly is a bit more... intimate. While dating a superhero known as Ice Princess, Seth and his girlfriend ended up going to bed together. Unfortunately for Seth, Ice Princess's body turned into ice while they were making love, which immediately froze his privates off his body. Always wear protection, kids.

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    Who do you get to play a former superhero who is struggling to get his life together after getting out of the hero game? Former child star Haley Joel Osment, of course! Adding a new supe like Mesmer to the show served as a solid glimpse into the world of The Boys at large and showed that even superheroes can find themselves beat down by the world.

    Outside the hilarious and meta decision to have an actor most famous for playing a child with special abilities portray a washed-up psychic superhero, Osment does a fantastic job of playing a desperate, sad-sack father who just wants some of his former glory back. It's too bad Butcher beat the life out of him in a public bathroom. That really isn't a dignified way to go.

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