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The Best Characters Invented For The TV Version Of 'The Boys'

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After just two seasons, The Boys has had no trouble turning a fan-favorite comic into some of the most exciting new superhero action in years. There are plenty of The Boys show characters that have made a successful jump from comics to TV, but considering how the show has been happy to diverge from the comics' canon, some of the best characters were created solely for the show itself. Whether they are a superpowered being or just an everyday evil bureaucrat, a lot of the additions have fit seamlessly into the superhero satire.

Powered beings like Translucent, Mesmer, and Doppelganger have fleshed out the show's "supe" ranks, while people like Madelyn Stillwell, Stan Edgar, and Ashley Barrett have served to make Vought feel like a genuine American corporation that wouldn't feel out of place on the Fortune 500. It just goes to show that the creators have such a firm grip on their superhero universe that it's hard to tell fan favorites from absolute newcomers.

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    Stan Edgar

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Studios

    Giancarlo Esposito was one of the breakout stars of Breaking Bad, and much like his role in Disney+'s runaway hit The Mandalorian, the memorable character actor brings his signature villainous touch to The Boys with his role as Stan Edgar. Edgar is merely mentioned in the comics and is never seen before he perishes off-panel.

    The Stan Edgar of the television show is all about business and manages to talk down to Homelander without meeting his end, which is something that is becoming rarer and rarer as time goes on. He shows the true depths of his capitalistic evil by enabling Stormfront's racist Third Reich leanings because it's good for Vought's bottom line. 

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    Madelyn Stillwell

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Studios

    Elizabeth Shue's Madelyn Stillwell is based on the James Stillwell of the comics, but while they are both similarly high up in the Vought ranks, Madelyn is a much different person in the show. Madelyn's bizarre relationship with Homelander served as one of the show's most reliably unsettling storylines throughout the first season, and her rock-solid hold on Homelander seemed to keep his worst tendencies at bay for the most part. 

    Before Homelander took her life at the end of Season 1, Madelyn was in line to take over Vought from Stan Edgar when he retired in the future, which highlighted just how efficient she was at her job. Just don't bring up Homelander's weird obsession with her breast milk.

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    Victoria Neuman

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Studios

    If we're picking nits, Victoria Neuman is based on the comic book character of Victor "Vic the Veep" Neuman, but they really aren't much of the same character at all outside of their name and the fact that they are both in politics. While Victor is a parody of George W. Bush, Victoria seems to be based more on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the twist involving the character at the end of Season 2 sets her up to have a massive impact in Season 3.

    Will Hughie survive working for Victoria after joining her team in the season finale? What exactly is her endgame? Does her daughter also have powers? It's gonna take a little time to answer those questions.

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    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Studios

    The Boys sets itself apart from other superhero universes with its no-holds-barred depiction of superpowered chaos and destruction. Seeing Translucent explode at the hands of the weak but affable Hughie Campbell was the first real moment that the show established how far it was willing to go. Before his untimely demise, this invisible creep answered the question of what Sue Storm would be like if she was a deviant who had to completely disrobe to turn invisible.

    Before being trapped in a cage by Frenchie, Butcher, and Hughie, Translucent could be seen creeping in the women's restroom at Vought Tower, and managed to get caught by two normal humans even though he was invisible and bulletproof. His awfulness sets the tone for the show and watching him push Hughie to the breaking point was a key moment for both the show and Jack Quaid's character.

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