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Wild 'The Boys' Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

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The Boys has a large fanbase following both their recent Amazon TV series and the original comics. As fans eagerly await for Season 3, they've created a lot of interesting - and often very viable - theories. Vote up your favorite ones down below!

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    Cindy Will Join The Boys

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    We were given a snippet of Cindy leaving Sage Grove as a hitch hiker. At another point in the show, Frenchies mentions how the Golden Girls make a family of their own. Feitan_SleeperOP thinks that Cindy will complete this analogy by joining forces with Starlight, Kimiko, and Maeve. This Redditor thinks that these four women will "get it done."

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    Hughie's Mom Was A Vigilante

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    Hughie briefly mentions his moether in the Season 2 finale. ShapelessHail thinks that there is more to the story than what he shared; she must have fought Vought or made some sort of impression with the company. Hughie's dad could have taken money in compensation from Vought, which may explain why he pressed Hughie so hard to take the money.

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    Stormfront Is Homelander's Mother

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    For this theory, sinburger cites the comics, which say that Homelander is made from the DNA of Stormfront. And considering Homelander's tendency to be attracted towards mother-figures, Stormfront would be an appropriate replacement.

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    Homelander Made Maeve Step Down As Leader Of The Seven

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    RaspberryMedium thinks that Maeve was once the leader of the Seven before Homelander. They calculated Maeve must be in her 40s while Homelander is apparently only 26. Considering how much older everyone else on the team is, it's very possible that the team was very different before the Superman knock-off joined.

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