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Wild 'The Boys' Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

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The Boys has a large fanbase following both their recent Amazon TV series and the original comics. As fans eagerly await for Season 3, they've created a lot of interesting - and often very viable - theories. Vote up your favorite ones down below!

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    Vought Plans To Use Ryan To Replace Homelander

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    Foodbagjr thinks that the reason Stan Edgar was so particular about keeping control over Ryan is because he plans on using him as the new "Homelander." Hopefully, Ryan is strong enough to defeat Homelander and Becca's parenting methods will create someone more emotionally stable - and thus more easily controlled.

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    Cindy Is Senator Neuman's Sister

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    Since Cindy and Senator Neuman have such similar powers, MJC1988 believe they may be sisters.

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    Hughie Is A Supe

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    bandalozy believes 'the boys' are blessed with more than just luck (or plot armor). They speculate that Hughie has a passive superpower to the likes of Domino, controlling probability and chance. Taking into consideration Hughie's unexplained past with his mother, there may be something more to Hughie than we see.

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    Black Noir's Powers Are To Survive

    Photo: The Boys / Amazon Prime Video

    Many fans are confused as to the nature of Black Noir's powers. BiMonSciFiFanCon has settled on the idea that Black Noir is able to survive anything, though he may leave scathed. His vocal cords and skin may have been damaged, which would account for his silence and suit.

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