17 Surprisingly Wholesome Moments From The Second Season Of 'The Boys'

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Somewhere between driving a boat through a whale and murdering would-be thieves for fun, there are a handful of heartwarming moments in Amazon Prime's The Boys that can make you smile. From Billy Butcher's soft side to Hughie's undying love for Starlight, here are a few wholesome moments that made us happy. 

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  • 1. When Queen Maeve Drops Everything And Rushes To The Hospital To Be With Elena

    47 votes
  • 2. Billy Give Ryan His St. Christopher Medal

    42 votes
  • 3. When Frenchie Asks Kenji To Teach Him Kimiko's Language So He Can Help Her 

    42 votes
  • 4. Billy Leaves Ryan With A Few Words Of Wisdom

    65 votes
  • 5. Hughie Explains His Obsession With Billy Joel

    23 votes
  • 6. When Hughie And Starlight Make It Official

    53 votes