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Wardrobe Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Boys’

The superhero costumes of The Boys are very much on par with the offerings of A-list franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and everything Warner Bros. is doing with its hold on the DC properties. But numerous behind-the-scenes interviews with the show's costume designers, Laura Jean Shannon and Carrie Grace, have shown there's more interesting information about these super-suits than meets the eye.

Were you aware that Stormfront's outfit has little nods to her Third Reich roots? Or that Starlight's original costume was made with deliberately cheaper materials to give it a more innocent look? How about the Deep's costume being designed to intentionally sexualize the character? Let's break down the most interesting wardrobe secrets from The Boys.

  • The Superhero Costumes Are Meant To Look As Serious As Possible

    When The Boys production team was planning to bring the series from page to screen, they wanted to create a program with a higher level of quality than your run-of-the-mill superhero television show. And a big part of making this decision work involved the meticulous outfits brought to life by the show's costume designers, Carrie Grace and Laura Jean Shannon.

    While coming up with the intricate costumes to be worn by both the superheroes and the vigilantes who take them on, the show's costume designers wanted to take on both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe and come up with the kind of heroic garb that would play just as well on the big screen as on the small. Shannon told Vulture that series creator Eric Kripke "wanted us to create a cinematic universe with our suits that could really play with the big boys. Like, it had to be legit. It wasn’t a joke."

  • Homelander's Costume Is Patterned With Tiny Eagles

    Adapting the show from a comic book gave the costume designers a great starting point to work with for each character that was brought over from the original Dynamite Entertainment series. And though the vast majority of characters remain extremely faithful to their comic book counterparts when it comes to their costuming, that doesn't mean little tweaks weren't added here and there.

    For example, if you look closely at the fabric used for Homelander's costume, you'll notice that the entire suit is made up of little eagles - which certainly wasn't the case in the comic books (that would be a lot of extra detail to pencil in). As if the eagle spaulders on his shoulders and giant American flag on his back weren't patriotic enough for this particular superpowered psychopath.

  • The Deep's Comics Helmet Proved Too Bulky To Build

    One particular character who got a massive overhaul in the looks department on the television show is the Deep. The original Deep from the comic books wore one of those classic diving helmets that looks like it was plucked straight out of the 1800s or a Scooby-Doo cartoon. 

    It isn't a look that would play all that well in live-action, so the costume was changed - and now the Deep is more in line with what you'd expect if Aquaman decided to go sleeveless. That didn't stop Shannon from trying to make the helmet work, though. "I did try and create a sleek modern version of it," Shannon told Vulture. "But good luck with that! If anybody can do that, more power to you because I sure as hell didn’t."

  • Stormfront's Costume Is Full Of Clues About Her Real Motives

    By the time the second season of The Boys ends, it's pretty clear that Stormfront is a horrible racist who has no compunctions about doing away with people she sees as inferior (i.e., everyone). But when the character was introduced at the beginning of the season, she just seemed like another in the show's long line of self-interested superheroes.

    However, if you look closely at her costume, you'll notice some not-so-subtle references to the Third Reich. Not only is she wearing lightning bolt earrings that are reminiscent of SS bolts, but her belt buckle is a clear nod to the Reichsadler eagle of WWII-era Germany.