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Why 'The Brave Little Toaster' Was The Scariest Horror Movie You Never Realized Was A Horror Movie

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While the premise seems solid at face value (a group of living but outdated appliances venture into the world to find their old master, a redheaded child), The Brave Little Toaster was secretly disturbing, and it undoubtedly made countless children terrified of their bedroom humidifiers.  

The movie starts like any classic horror film, with a dark and gloomy night bolstered by haunting music, bare tree limbs, and a ramshackle cabin alone and atop a hill. However, the dark parts of The Brave Little Toaster are not limited to the fear-inducing opening scene. Instead, many of the most frightening moments in The Brave Little Toaster arrive unexpectedly, like an acid flashback, and during the movie when young viewers are most vulnerable.

This classic children's film follows a toaster, a gooseneck lamp, a chronically depressed electric blanket, an old radio, and a vacuum, who lived in a run-down vacation cabin. After years of abandonment and desperate for their master's affection, the appliances break out of the cabin and embark on a horrifying adventure to reunite with their neglectful owner.

  • Toaster Experiences A Killer Clown-Filled Nightmare

    Toaster finally gets some needed rest after his arduous hike through the dark forest en route to Master. While in dreamland, Toaster dreams about Master making some toast. However, Toaster's dream quickly turns into a nightmare, as Master is kidnapped and a plume of black smoke turns into something worse than Pennywise. The following moment, Toaster is bleeding black smoke.

    This crazy clown, dressed as a firefighter, tells Toaster to "run," and as Toaster runs, giant forks fall from nowhere and stab at him. Toaster's nightmare ends with smoke and flames engulfing everything in his dream.

  • Kirby Short Circuits And Loses His Mind

    The trek through the gloomy forest gets to be too much for Kirby, the vacuum cleaner. As The Brave Little Toaster crew nears a waterfall, Kirby starts to exhibit some ravenous behavior. All of a sudden, he seems like a different vacuum cleaner altogether, and he intentionally swallows his cord. The lamp and the rest of the appliances watch in horror as Kirby attempts to choke himself to death.

    Kirby's eyes start rolling into the back of his head, and it begins to look like Kirby won't make it to Master, when suddenly, Toaster jumps on top of Kirby and turns him off. Toaster then rolls Kirby around for a bit, but Kirby still has a crazy look in his eyes. Thankfully, Kirby eventually snaps out of it.

  • The Appliances Almost Die In Quicksand

    Shortly after Kirby's psychotic breakdown, as the appliances drag Kirby through the dimming forest, an almost lifeless Kirby slips into quicksand. The vacuum cleaner cries out for help as the other appliances try desperately to save him. However, their efforts do little more than endanger their own lives.

    One by one, the other appliances fall into the quicksand and get quickly submerged. In a moment of uncharacteristic bravery, Blanky looks at Toaster and softly says, "I'm not scared," as he sinks into an abyss of certain death.

  • A Crazy Store Owner Attempts To Murder The Appliances

    When it seems all hope is lost, and all of the appliances have been swallowed up in the quicksand, a rotund man with glasses hears the old radio and rescues him. Soon the same person saves all the devices. He brings them back to his shop, which is an appliance parts store.

    After witnessing the brutal murder of an old blender, which had its motor ripped out and its oil spilled on the shop floor, The Brave Little Toaster crew quickly learns that they would have been better off suffocating under the quicksand than experiencing the torturous death the appliance shop owner has in mind for them.