Total Nerd The Breakfast Club Is Perfect, But The First Five Minutes Are An Utter Masterpiece  

Mick Jacobs

To establish itself as a classic, a film needs to catch the audience with a gripping opening scene, something a la Jaws or Saving Private Ryan. The opening scene of The Breakfast Club never gets its due as one of the all-time greats, and the video below rights this longstanding injustice.

As most already know, the John Hughes classic revolves around five different high school students from different social and economic backgrounds forced together by the cruelties of detention. 

While the "magic" of the film occurs as the characters learn more and more about each other, said magic would never happen without the impeccable staging, visuals, and characterization made during its first few minutes, which establish all that follows.

You probably can't quite recall the scene now since you probably never gave it much thought. But after you watch the video below, you may find yourself with a newfound appreciation for John Hughes's most famous film.