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The Breakfast Club Is Perfect, But The First Five Minutes Are An Utter Masterpiece  

Mick Jacobs

To establish itself as a classic, a film needs to catch the audience with a gripping opening sequence, something à la Jaws or Saving Private Ryan. The first five minutes of The Breakfast Club is often overlooked as one of the all-time great film openings, but this video makes a compelling argument for why it's so important.

In The Breakfast Club's opening sequence, we get brief introductions to each of the students arriving for Saturday detention. These scenes, while short, are vital to our understanding of the characters.

But the most important thing the first five minutes of The Breakfast Club does is tell us how we should feel as we watch the movie. We are, in no uncertain terms, supposed to root for these teenagers. 

You probably can't quite recall the scene now since you probably never gave it much thought. But after you watch the video below, you may find yourself with a newfound appreciation for what is arguably John Hughes's most famous film.